What I love most about my role: being able to help people discover their spiritual giftedness and the coach them to serving in a way where they are maximizing their impactful for God’s kingdom. Serving and enabling people to DO the ministry work that God has called them to.
Favorite Verse: Mat 7:12
Married? Yes – to Bethany
Kids? Two (from previous marriage) Megan and Paul + 4 grandchildren
Pets? Two cats= Chewy and Lando / one dog=Millie(Millennium Falcon)
Favorite movie? Star Wars series or Princess Bride
Favorite snack? Brownies
Last book read? The infinite game – Simon Sinek
Weirdest thing people don’t know about me: I sported a full head of blonde curly hair when I was in college. / been a “biker” since I was 21(my biker name is ‘Bishop’)