Grace That Saves

Kyle Dillard   -  


God’s grace is an amazing thing. The greatest song ever written tells the story. Grace that “saved a wretch like me…”. The thing about grace is that so many don’t know they need it. We don’t see ourselves as wretched and blind. We don’t believe there’s anything wrong with us. We pay our taxes, we’re good citizens, we’re kind to others, we don’t kill people. Ask a hundred people how to get to heaven and they’ll say “Be good, do nice things, and be kind to others.” They don’t understand grace at all, and don’t see themselves as needing it. They’ve done what they think they need to do to be admitted into heaven.  

Your first step toward understanding the grace of God is accepting your need for it. We are all sinners, and we all fail. No one is exempt from failing God at the highest level. Sin. Disobedience. We admit our sin and ask for God’s grace, and He generously gives it. Isn’t that amazing? God’s grace is not cheap though. It’s not easy, and has come at a high price – the death of His son Jesus.  

I hope today that you will see your wretchedness, and your sinful nature. I pray you will also see the all-powerful holiness and perfection of God. No one can come to Him except through grace. No one is worthy. If we walk into His presence, it’s only because He allows it. The other way we survive it is Him giving us the grace to do it. That comes though a relationship with His Son. The Son is the only way to get an invitation to come to God. His name is Jesus, and I pray you will call on Him. Admit your sin and ask for His grace. This is called prayer. It’s how we communicate with God. Pray for God’s grace on you.

Today, remember who you are in light of who He is. Worship Him for it and thank Him for His grace. God loves you. Come to Him. Grace cost God a lot, but it’s free for you and me and I thank Him for it every day. I hope you will too.


P.S.  We start a new series Sunday called “Love and Marriage”. I have a special guest joining me at the end of my message, so don’t miss it! See you Sunday.