You’re Safe In His Hands

Josh McCall   -  

7/21/21 (by Josh McCall)

Several years ago my wife, Julie, let our dogs out into the back yard, and usually they would take off after the birds and squirrels.  But this time, they abruptly averted their attention to our boat.  They jumped on the sides of the boat over and over.  Then finally Julie saw why.  A cat darted from under a tarp in the boat and like a flash was across the yard, over the fence, and out of site never to be seen again.

A few minutes later is when the real surprise was revealed.  The dogs were still sniffing around the boat, A LOT.  So Julie pulled back the tarp to find, you guessed it, kittens!  The kittens were no more than about a day old and were obviously not ready to be alone.  After speaking to our vet and receiving instructions on how to care for the newborns, we bought formula for feeding and placed them in a warm bed.  We started feedings every two hours, helping them use the bathroom and keeping them warm at all cost.

Did I mention feedings every two hours?  Every two hours around the clock! One night my shift for feeding fell right in the middle of the night. As I was trying to feed one of the little ones it wouldn’t be still or eat. It just kept wiggling relentlessly to the point it almost fell out of my hands.  As I was struggling with it, getting a little frustrated, I said, “you are completely safe in my hand, you have everything you need, and if you keep trying to get away you’re going to fall and get hurt.”  Right then it hit me.  With tears in my eyes, I wondered how many times God had looked at me and said that same thing.  “You are completely safe in my hands.  I’ve given you everything you need and if you keep wiggling away you’re going to hurt yourself.”

The next time you find yourself trying to figure it all out and do things on your own, remember the story of the kitten.  Then remember that you’re completely safe in God’s hands! He’s given you everything you need, and if you keep trying to wiggle away you’re going to hurt yourself!