Kyle Dillard   -  


I don’t like to wait.  Our family went to the beach recently, and here is what happened:

Got up in the morning to leave and waited for everyone to get ready.
Waited in Charlotte traffic.
Waited on family members to go to the bathroom.
Once at the hotel…waited in line to check in.
Waited in line to get a parking spot at the hotel.
Unloaded the “essentials” from the car and waited in line for the elevator.
Got to the room, unpacked, and waited for everyone to leave for dinner.
Waited in line at dinner.
Waited for the server to come.
Waited for dinner to be served.

Returned to the hotel… sat down… started vacation.

People say it takes 4 hours to get to the beach. That is not true. It takes 12 hours! You wake up and start the leaving process at 8am, and you will be sitting and enjoying vacation 12 hours later at 8pm. But, once you are on vacation you know it was all worth it. You hear the sounds of the beach, the view from the balcony, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Our lives with God are very similar. I could go through a list of places in our lives where we are waiting on God: healing for a loved one, healing in a relationship, money, job promotion, car, house, spouse, successful ministry, loved ones to come to Christ or neighbors to be saved. The list is endless.

We pray, and we wait. While we are waiting, we are still traveling through life just like traveling to the beach. There’s all this waiting, but there’s a lot of doing while we wait. And then, when the waiting is over and God shows up and answers, Jesus says this: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, ” Matthew 11:28. Before Jesus gives us rest we have to come to Him. That’s the traveling part. The waiting. The journey. We also have to labor. That’s the work. This work brings a heavy weight and makes the coming to Jesus hard and is exhausting. However, rest that comes from God is true and satisfying. Nothing is like it. Nothing compares, not even a vacation at the beach. Come to Jesus today. The best part is that it’s not you who are waiting this time. He’s waiting on you.


I love y’all and I’ll see you Sunday,