New Beginnings

Kyle Dillard   -  


We all love new and shiny things. When I was a kid, I loved anything new. If my mom bought me a new matchbox or hot wheels car, I loved it. When I first got married, Teresa and I bought a new car. “New” is fun and exciting.

Life is like this. We all have moments in our lives where we get to start something new. A new job, or a new love relationship. A new house or a new friend. A new business or a new baby. New is exciting. If you’re old enough to remember “The Love Boat” TV show, they sang a song “It’s exciting and new…”. We identify with that song. New is just exciting!

Did you know that every day when you wake up.  Jesus offers “new and exciting” to you. It’s a brand new and exciting thing called life. Every morning when you wake up, God offers a brand new day to you. You can start over and do something new. His forgiveness and mercy is new to you every day.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we get a new and shiny thing that is worth more than anything. Life. It’s free to you. Jesus paid for it. He went and bought a brand new life for you. Not everyone takes this free gift from Jesus. But for those of us who have…take it and live it today.

It’s the summer. The summer is when we all may get a vacation or a quick getaway to rest and do a review of our lives and see where we are before we jump back into it. As you are reflecting on your life this summer, remember this. With Jesus, there is always New Beginnings. Start something new for the glory of God!

I love you all,